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Posted Date: 9/18/2014

Modesto Police are asking for assistance in identifying suspects in a robbery that occurred On 9-3-14. Four victims reported they were robbed while at Ustach Park between 8:30 and 9:00 PM. The victims were confronted in the park by two suspects, brandishing handguns and demanding property including cell phones. The suspects were dressed all in black including gloves and black masks covering their faces. The victims believed the suspects were either White or Hispanic and appeared to be trying to make their voices sound deep. The first suspect was described as about 5ft10” with a skinny build between 18 and 22 years old. The second suspect was believed to be 5ft6 to 5ft8 with unknown other physical characteristics. The suspects fled in a vehicle with loud exhaust.



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Posted Date: 9/15/2014

Stanislaus Sheriff's Homicide Unit is asking the public for any information on a Homicide that occurred 9-14-14 around 0051 hours at 3106 E. Barnhart Rd. Denair, CA The victim (Alejandro Revuelta Maldonado) hosted a party at the location with over 50 people in attendance. The victim escorted a male out of the party and the male returned. The victim asked the male to leave and the victim and his friend again escorted the male off the property. The victim and the male were involved in a fight and the victim was stabbed.The victim was transported to the hospital where he died. The male suspect is described as follows: White male, early to mid twenties, 5-6 to 5-7, 160 lbs, red hair and red beard, wearing a red plaid long sleeve shirt, blue jeans and boots.



Posted Date: 9/10/2014

Modesto Police are trying to identify the male shown here. On 5-24-14 the subject pictured in the attached photos stole a pair sunglasses and two walkie talkies from the Wal-Mart at 3848 McHenry. When confronted by loss prevention the suspect brandished a black handgun and fled. The walkie talkies fell from his waist band and were recovered. The suspect was described as a WMA, 6ft1, 180 pounds with brown hair.



Posted Date: 9/9/2014

Modesto Police are asking for any information concerning a Homicide that occurred on 09/04/2014 in the 200 block of Vera Cruz, Modesto. The victim-Dillon REYNOLDS 22 years old (aka Dillon GILMORE) was shot while walking with friends. The shooter fled in an unknown make vehicle. Any information concerning the shooter, the vehicle and what resulted in his attack is requested. If you have any information please call.



Posted Date: 8/5/2014

Stanislaus Sheriff's Department is attempting to identify the male shown here on surveillance video. On 6-7-14 and 6-11-14, during the late evening hours he robbed , McDonald's and the Papa Murphy's Pizza in Patterson. In both cases, he entered the stores and walked behind the counter. He indicated he had a weapon by pointing something from within his pocket. No weapons were seen in either incident. The suspect demanded the money from the register and he left the camera view and was last seen on foot. The suspect from both incidents were reported to be a Black male adult 30-40 years old, 6ft2 to 6ft3 and had a very stocky/large body type, approximately 230- 250lbs. In both cases, he was wearing a green camouflage bandana covering his face, a hooded sweatshirt and gloves. He was also reported to have a deep voice. If you know his identity please call.



Posted Date: 7/18/2014

Modesto Police were called to investigate a report of a deceased male found in a house in the 100 block of I St. Yesterday at about 2:50 PM police were dispatched to a call of a male in a house who appeared to be dead. His family had gone to check on him and found him down and non-responsive. Neighbors reported last seeing him on Saturday, July 12th. When officers arrived they were told that the male had been dealing with health issues recently. Initially the death was thought to be natural. However, while investigating, officers found evidence that pointed to foul play. Detectives went to the scene and were able to identify the victim as 52-year-old Robert Ross of Modesto. The circumstances behind the cause of death are still under investigation; however, at this time detectives have ruled it a homicide.



Posted Date: 7/17/2014

Modesto Police are attempting to identify the two suspects shown here. On 4-6-14 the two subjects in the attached photo entered the Sprint store at 3250 Dale Rd and began pulling display phones from their security cords. Employees approached and the suspects said they had guns, causing the employees to back away. The suspects stole a few more phones and fled on foot. They were last seen jumping the fence into the apartments on Braden. Both suspects were described as Black, male, adults, about 25 years, 6-1 and 170 pounds.



Posted Date: 7/16/2014

MURDER Modesto Police continue to ask for the publics help in the unsovled homicide of Jonique Williams. On July 4th 1999, Jonique Williams was murdered. Her body was found at the bottom of the pool at 1636 Hialeah Drive, Modesto. She had been attending a large Independence Day party at the residence with her family, who at the time resided in the Bay Area. If you have any information on the Murder of Jonique please call and help solve this senseless murder.



Posted Date: 7/9/2014

Stanislaus County Sheriffs Dept. is asking for assistance in identifying and locating the Suspect. On 6/24/14 a White Female Adult entered Kohls store in Riverbank and stole merchandise. She is described as a White Female Adult late 20s 5ft6, 150 lbs, with red hair. If you have any information on her identity please call.



Posted Date: 7/8/2014

Modesto Police are asking for any information on the Homicide of Teresa PROVENCIO that occurred on 7/4/2013. Teresa Provencio was shot in a drive-by shooting while at the intersection of Colorado and Pelton Avenues. Several people were present who possibly witnessed the Homicide. Teresa was only 21 at the time of her death and is survived by her infant son. If you have any information on this Homicide please call.


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