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Posted Date: 7/3/2014

On 11/04/98, Ruben Plascencia (at left), 24-year-old Hispanic male, left his house saying he was going out with friends. He lived with his girlfriend and their infant child in Newman. The victim worked and lived on a dairy. He was never seen alive again.His girlfriend reported him missing on 11/10/98 to Newman PD. The victim left his house in a Ford Astro Van. The van was later recovered by CHP on the 11/13/03 at Hickory near Fig near a locked gate near Patterson. Plascencia was found dead in a vacant barn on 11/14/98.The family was notified and responded to the scene. The family checked the area including a barn, which was about a half mile away on the same road. The victim was found in the barn shot to death. No suspects were ever arrested regarding this investigation and all leads have been exhausted.The day after Plascencia left in his Astro van and several days later a white male adult was seen driving the victim's van in the area where his body was recovered. No leads developed as to the identity of the person driving the victim's van.



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